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Mattlures Hammer Shad

The Mattlures Hammer shad features a patented (Patent #D819166) Tail designed to swim incredible at all speeds. At the slowest speeds the tail will still kick like its swimming in slow motion. At medium to faster retrieves you can really feel the tail thumping.

Because you can feel the tail thumping, you will have confidence the bait is doing what its designed to do. If you can feel it thumping then you know the bass can to! When you let the bait fall it swims downward instead of spiraling down. The Hammer shads come in 2 sizes 6.5 inches and 7.5inches long. They weigh about 2.25 oz and 4.15 oz. and sink a little slower then a foot per second.


Keep It Real Mattlures Hammertail Shad Review


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4 colors: Light Gizzard, Purple Gizzard, Green Threadfin, Blue Threadfin.