Collection: Hammer Trout

The Mattlures Hammer trout incorporates the patent protected Hammer tail design. The tail produces a very aggressive thumping action that can be felt as the bait is retrieved. It will swim at the slowest of speeds and as fast as you can reel. The baits are made with a very durable soft plastic and quality hardware. They are 10 inches long and weighs between 7.5 oz and 8.5 oz depending on sink rate. The slow and medium sink come with a single top hook while the surface version comes with a bottom treble hook. The slow and medium sinks can be fished at all speeds. The surface version barley floats and is meant to be swam slowly. You can dead stick it or go slow and steady and the tail will kick. 25 lb test minimum is recommended and heavier line is a must when big stripers are around. These baits were designed for and have been catching big bass however, the big stripers just can't resist them!


3 Colors: Light Trout, Dark Trout and Cali Trout

3 Sink Rates: Surface, Slow Sink and Medium Sink.