Collection: Meat Head

The Mattlures Meat head is 8 inches long and weighs about 4.5 oz. They come in 3 different sink rates. Waking, Shallow diving, and deep diving. The waking version is a true wake bait in that it wants to stay on top. You can wake this bait faster then typical wake baits without it diving. The shallow diver can be waked slowly with your rod tip up or it can be cranked down a few feet. It will dive 1-3 feet depending upon the retrieve and line used. The deep diver can be cranked down to 10 feet depending upon the retrieve and line used. All the Meat heads have an aggressively smooth natural action with a lot of thumping feed back. The wake version can be made to splash water with its tail as it swims.
All Meat heads come with premium Owner hooks and 4x split rings. They are made with an extremely durable resin and the even the tail material is extremely durable and wont ever rot out and should not ever need to be replaced. The Paint jobs are what you would expect from a Mattlures hard bait with up to 20 plus steps on certain patterns. There will be many different patterns available to match just about any prey species.
SINK RATES OPTIONS ARE: Waking, Shallow Diving, Deep Diving
They are 8 inches long and weigh 4.5 oz