Collection: Mend-It

This is Mend-it, the innovative product which actually "welds" soft plastic baits back together. You simply put a drop or two of Mend-It on the rip, tear, or hole in the worm, tube, swimbait or other soft bait and press it together. In a matter of seconds the bait is totally renewed, in most cases you cannot see where the tear was because the repair is so complete. Mend-It is not a glue, it actually catalyses the two pieces of plastic, effectively welding them together. 

Mend-It leaves the repaired area as soft as the original bait because it simply "melts" the bait back together. Mend-It doesn't stick to your hands, your boat or your clothes, it only causes two pieces of soft-plastic lure to melt back together invisibly. You will save literally hundreds of dollars by using this tube of Mend-It to repair your expensive worms, creature-baits, Senkos, swimbaits, tubes, anything made of soft plastic.