Collection: Surface Walk & Glide Bait

Mattlures Surface Walk and Glide Bait

The bait is 10 inches long and weighs about 6.25 ounces. The bait is ultra detailed and extremely realistic. There are over 30 steps in the painting process from the bright silvery sides, and subtle pink stripe, all the way down to the spotted tail. On top of that, there are several coats of durable high quality clear so the bait will stay looking good through many big fish. They come stock with Owner ST41 treble hooks and XXhvy split rings.

This bait is very unique and it’s not like other glide baits that are on the market. This bait is not designed to just be cast out and retrieved. Its primary function is to be walked. It is the easiest walk the dog bait that I have seen. You do not need to work the rod like you do with other walking baits. Simply cast the bait out, point the rod down and turn the reel handle once and the bait will glide off to one side. Turn the handle again and the bait will glide off to the other side. There should be a slight pause between handle turns. That’s it! It should only take you a minute to get it down, it's that easy. Its secondary function is a subsurface walking/glide bait. Once you have got the bait walking properly, you can also make it walk under water. Give the bait a hard twitch and a couple fast cranks of the reel and the bait will dive under water. Once the bait is under you can you the same reel cadence technique to walk/glide the bait under water. I recommend 25lb fluorocarbon especially if you want to work the bait subsurface. The heavier sinking line will make it easier to get it to dive and to keep it down. I also recommend using a strong high quality snap.

10" Surface Walk & Glide Bait Weights about 6.25 ounces $200.00

Do not cast this bait out and reel it in like all the other baits. It will not work properly. Like other walking baits, this bait requires a little technique from the angler. However unlike other walking baits, you can do it all with just the reel. This means you can easily use your long handled swimbait rods.


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