Collection: The Closer

The Closer is designed to be as realistic and natural as possible. The Closer swims natural, quiet and fluid just like a real shad. It does not make unnatural clacking or other loud noises that may cost you bites. The Closer is ultra realistic with a tremendous amount of detail hand carved into it. It is not a molded fish. Each Shad is hand painted from start to finish to give it a taxidermy quality look. Some patterns may have over 30 individual steps and layers per bait and several coats of very durable, very glossy clear. The tails and fins on the shad are made of an extremely durable rubber and should never need to be replaced. Each shad is made with my super resin which I believe to be the most durable resin used in hard swimbaits. Premium hardware is used in all joints, line ties, hooks and hook hangers for superior strength and smooth swimming action. The Closer also come equipped with rotating hook hangers to prevent fish from throwing the bait when they jump. They have a great thump that you and the fish can feel if you choose a moderate to fast retrieval speed. They are very versatile and can be fished many different ways. You can rip and twitch them, dead stick them ,burn them or swim them slow and steady, and everything else in between. They will also easily do a 180 with a sharp twitch.


The Closer is about 8 inches and weighs between 3.5oz and 4.5oz depending on sink rate.